How YouTubers Get Paid! 🔴 How To Get Paid w/ Adsense on YouTube!

With all of the recent on-goings between Fullscreen and h3h3 Productions, as well as the recent financial figures of PewDiePie coming out, a lot of people have been asking exactly how Youtubers get paid and how much do they actually earn? These are good questions.
As a full time Youtuber myself, I can understand that we have really weird jobs. That couldn’t have existed even five or six years ago. I’m here to explain exactly how the whole thing works. From how we get paid and how much we get paid to how you can get paid doing this. Number one: How we get paid.
Your average Youtube channel generates money every single time a viewer watches an advertisement on one of your videos. This means that they don’t have Ad-Block turned on and if given an advertisement that they can skip, they watched at least 30 seconds of it. Once a user has watched the advertisement for at least 30 seconds, or seen other smaller advertisements, such as banner-ads, Youtube tallies up the money generated for that and will split the payment between Youtube itself and you for getting the viewer to watch it.
The money generated per view is less than one cent. However, we’ll get into exactly how much that turns out to, later. Another way a Youtube channel can get paid is through sponsored deals. These are usually only offered to bigger Youtube channels that take part in more hands-on networks.
But occasionally smaller channels will have them as well. It’s where a sponsor will pay them for a specific amount of money, either per view or per click, on the company’s link, to make a video about a product. Often some kind of other Youtube channel or video game.
It’s worth noting that it’s required by law for the Youtuber to tell people that it’s a sponsored video in the video’s description. So if you ever think that the video you’re watching might be a sponsored one, check the description to know for sure.
Sponsored deals range from extremely shady, to where they buy off people’s opinions to sell games, to comepletely legitimate, or they just want the person’s honest opinion on it, while doing a video to show the game off to new players. Sponsored deals generate much more money than regular advertisements.
last way to make money on Youtube isn’t directly attached to Youtube. But is so common and extremely effecient, that it’s worth bringing up. You’ll see that a lot of Youtubers, myself included, use Patreon. Patreon is a website where content creators can recieve donations monthly from fans and give optional rewards in return. Patreon then takes 10 percent of the donations for themselves and gives you 90 percent of what was sent.
Not everyone who has pledged will donate every month, but it’s still a much more stable income than Youtube itself. Yes, Youtube is such a weird job that most channels with Patreon make more money in donations every month, than they do from their actual paychecks. That means that, although when you go on a Patreon page, the number of donations you see there is actually much lower than what that Youtuber or content creator is getting, It’s still probably more than their paycheck. Number two: How much we get paid.
How much you actually get paid that depends on three things: How many viewers you get, How many of those viewers use Ad-Block and if you do sponsored videos. Let’s look at the views first. Many multi-channel networks will attempt to sign you by outright lying to you and saying that you’ll make three to ten dollars per one thousand views, when in reality, You’re assuming the advertisers that month are paying Youtube a ridiculous amount of money and that all one thousand of those viewers are watching every single advertisement.
In reality, your average month, one thousand views is about, one and a half dollars. However, that number can climb between an average of two dollars and one dollar from month to month quickly. This is all in USD by the way, the United States currency. Youtube pay is very unstable. Also, those of you who like to use social blade to see what a channel’s pay is, Social Blade’s pay estimates are extremely inaccurate. The best you can really do, is assume that the channel gets just under the halfway point of the maximum a month per advertisements alone.
Next is how many users use Ad-Block. One thousand views is all well and good, but if all of those people used Ad-Block, you still don’t get paid. This is why the most financially succesful channels are aimed at younger children by playing games like Minecraft or by yelling and doing silly voices a lot. Children are less likely to use Ad-Block than adults and thus generate more money from advertisements.
On the flip-side, there are channels like mine that aim at a bit of an older audience. Although we make a lot less money due to, older people using Ad-Block, We do have Patreon and adults are more likely to donate on Patreon because they have disposable income. Who makes more? Well, at the time of making this video, it’s still the people who appeal to younger children due to the sheer number advantage.
But Patreon is still a somewhat young website and we’ll see how things go in the future. Lastly, we have sponsored videos. The pay you get from sponsored videos depends largely on the sponsored campaign itself and how big it is. Usually they have a pool of a set amount of money, let’s say six hundred dollars in this case and we’ll open up their campaign for anyone within a network to take part in.
Any of them can sign up and do sponsored videos and the company will give out the money based on whatever payment method they have set up, until they’re out of money in the campaign. The most common campaigns would either pay by views on the video, or by how many times the viewers have clicked the company’s link, in whatever they’re trying to sell you. Because they don’t rely on Youtube advertisements that can be blocked by some kind of Ad-Blocker, they pay much much higher.
They’re very popular with large channels as it’s an easy way to make much more money. Youtubers don’t get paid much unless they’re massive. You know, like PewDiePie. And large channels tend to cost a lot of money to keep producing content, so sponsored videos help a lot with that. Number three: How do you get paid. If you’re trying to get started on Youtube and you want to get paid, you’re going to need to figure out what you want to do on your channel and actually do it, until you get around a thousand subscribers.
During that time you’re probably going to get a lot of request to join networks promising all kinds of money. Whatever you do, don’t join them! Many networks try and sign very new Youtubers to terrible deals where they’re locked in a for five years at a time. Hoping that you’ll get popular within that time and that they can make as much money off of you as possible. If you have less than one-thousand subscribers you probably won’t even be making twenty dollars a month in the first place.
Wait until you get a thousand subscribers then sign a contract with a company, like Curse or Freedom. Who have no lock-in policy. So if you’re ever unhappy with your contract you can put in your thirty days and leave. Just like with any other job. The reason you might want to join a network, is because they allow you to bypass the need to proof that you own your own videos before you upload them.
This is extremely important in the gaming side of Youtube, because Youtube will often outright reject your ownership of videos, no matter how much proof you give them, unless you’re a company. When you’re with a network you don’t need to provide proof and if you’re ranked highly in the network and you’re managed, They’ll even often make you immune to ID-Claim bots on Youtube. ID-Claim bots are the bane of gaming Youtubers.
As despite the vast majority of their content being fair-use, It’s very easy for companies to claim that they own it. And take all the money from it and continue to do that for months until they run out of time and you get full ownership of your video again. You will never be able to get back the money that you lost during that time, so networks are very important for helping you avoid this issue.
It will always happen to some extent, but networks help a lot with that. I on my time on Youtube have, literally successfully repealed more than one hundred disputes and claims on my channel. And I still get them, nearly every single week. Companies are aware that they are just trying to steal money from you when they do this, However, they’re going to keep doing it, There’s no actual punishment on Youtube’s end for doing it, so, nothing’s stopping them. Number four: Why you need a Patreon.
A Patreon is extermely important for if you’re going to make a living off of Youtube as a full time job. Youtube is an extremely unstable place for money. And you’re going to need a fair amount of it, to have a good enough computer to produce the content you want to make, as well the stable funds to buy supplies you need for filming, whatever it is you film, And to have enough left over to pay your bills and eat every month.
With Patreon you give your viewers the option to donate to you to directly help you and your show. And help’s a great deal. Some people feel weird about it and think it’s just begging for money, but in reality, you’re just an artist giving out work for free, with a tip jar on the side. People with money to spare can choose whether or not they want to put money in the tip jar, but no matter what, the content is still free for everyone to enjoy.
If you really want to help out a channel, donate ten cents every single month and you’ll be giving them more money than you would if you would’ve watched one of their videos every single day without Ad-Block. That is how big the difference is between Patreon pay and Youtube pay.
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I’ve been doing this as my full-time job for over four years now, so I’m sure I can answer all kinds of questions on just how this job works. Lastly, if you want to help me out directly, why don’t you check out my own Patreon in the description? I’ve got a few good rewards in there, like being able to join the community Minecraft Server! And you get to rest easy knowing, that you have made my channel suck just a little bit less. Thank you everybody for watching and until next time, have a nice day!