How To Make Money On Facebook For Beginners! Organic Step by Step

And this right here is how you make money on Facebook, a step-by-step organic strategy without paid advertising on how you can generate income directly from your personal Facebook profile. I’m about to give it to you right now. (dog barking) (upbeat music) Yo, so this is a complete three-step process, and if you do this, you’re gonna make a lot of money on Facebook from your personal page without any paid advertisements.
But first, let me show you my QuickBooks, just so you know that this is legit. All right, here we are back in QuickBooks.
Now this is for last month in October, so let’s click on income. And as you could see, last month in October, I made over $27,000. And most of that income, with the exception of this Amazon Payments that I make through affiliated marketing and Google AdSense that I make through YouTube, all this stuff is through a transfer through making posts on Facebook, and then selling a product, which I’m getting ready to show you how to do right now.
All right, so what I’m getting ready to show you is called The Trojan Horse. Now I learned this through one of my mentors named Mitch Miller about two years ago now, and this works like butter, but you gotta get it right and it consist of three posts that you put together. So I’m getting ready to show you how to do this exactly step-by-step. Pay very close attention.
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All right, the first post is called The Social Proof Post and I’m gonna who you exactly how I did this. Let’s hit the computer and go to Facebook. All right, here we are on my Facebook. Now let’s get right to it. Here’s the Trojan, see how much you’re looking at it right now. Here’s the engagement post. Here is the offer post. And here is the Social Proof Post. Now what the Social Proof Post is, it can literally be anything.
If you have your own clients posting it, like I have a couple of it backed up, like my own client giving me a shout out and tagging me in it. And then I share a screenshot of somebody getting ranked, one of my clients getting ranked on Apple 24 hours after the first call. So that is the Social Proof. You can do this many ways, but as long as you have a client of Social a Proof aspect showing, demonstrating the benefit that you give whenever you run your offer, the benefit that your client is gonna get if the pay you some money.
You gotta demonstrate it and you gotta show that you’re already doing it for other people because that is one of the most powerful ways to market. All right, so let’s get into the next strategy. All right, the next post that you’re gonna put right after the Social Proof Post is gonna be the Offer Post where you actually give them the offer of exactly what it is you’re selling, your program, your service, your product, whatever it is. Let’s head back to Facebook.
Let me show you exactly how to make this Offer Post. All right, here we are. The reason why we do it like this is because typically an Offer Post because just the nature of what it is, you’re selling stuff, it doesn’t usually get a lot of engagement. However, that’s not even your goal. This one did get quite a few bit of engagement, but normally, it won’t get a lotta engagement ’cause you’re selling stuff and some people just don’t like that.
And the whole goal here is not to get engagement, you’re trying to get people to hit you up. But here’s how we do it, and the reason why we do it like this, we put this post, the Offer Post, after we hit the Social Proof Post because when people see this, a lot of people come creep your timeline. And so, they see this and they’ll scroll down. What’s the next thing they see? Oh, they see people that are actually getting results from your program.
So that’s the reason why we do that. So let’s go over this in detail real quick. So, quickly, I hit on, and there’s a bunch of different ways you can structure it, but there’s some principles. So I hit on a quick story talking about the pain point, the same pain point that my audience is currently going through. And so, I talked about how nobody took me seriously when I came out of prison and anytime I tried to collaborate, nobody give me the time of day. I was just a ex-convict turned entrepreneur afterthought. And then I talked about how I launched a podcast, ranked it on Apple on day three and then started interviewing celebrities the next week.
Then we had Grant Cardone, Andy Frisella, Neil Patel, Dean Graziosi, John Lee Dumas, Brad Lea, all these people, right? I just named dropped and they’re like, “Damn, “this dude’s really making some moves.” And then, I said, “On top of that, “I built a six figure business all through my podcast. “But most importantly, I’ve helped over 30 entrepreneurs.” If you have a business generating your podcast, this is the rocket fuel for it.
Now I’m future pacing it, and I’m saying, “Imagine starting off a new decade on top. “Everyone you wanted to collaborate is more than happy to “and getting clients is 10 times easier.” See, I’m future pacing it. And then I hit ’em with the offer. And the offer, you list out the benefits that they’re gonna get from working with you. And you make ’em in a bullet point so they can clearly articulate ’em. And you put a lil’ emoji on there, I like to put the lil’ skyrocket thing.
My benefits would be rank your podcast on Apple, five weeks or less, interview celebrities consistently, 60 days or less, grow your monthly downloads by a thousand or more every month, 60 days or less, generate at least a thousand directly from your podcast a month.
This is pennies compared to what we do indirectly, 90 days or less. And finally, step-by-step chronological process to going from nada. Oh, and one more, one month free of our production podcast services. You record, that’s it.
And so, you list out, you bullet point the actual benefits of the offer, and then finally, right here, you hit ’em with some urgency and scarcity, and it has to be legit. You can’t be one of those douche bags that just says things to be saying things. I said, “I’m taking 50% off this offer for you “so we can lock it in before Thanksgiving. “We have seven spots left for this program. “Message me now to lock it in.” And that’s legit. I only take on 10 people at a time because I can’t focus on more than 10 people at once and my attention’s gonna be spread too thin and I’m not gonna be able to give all of my attention to each one of my students. A
nd then also, I’m knocking off 50% because I wanna hurry up and lock this in before Thanksgiving even gets here so I won’t have to run a Black Friday offer, so I could just enjoy my time with my family. So you wanna put legit urgency and scarcity and you put this in here ’cause people need to be nudged before they make a decision.
If you just let it be open to where they have all the time in the world and they can get it whenever, then they’re not gonna make a decision. You gotta, if you believe in what you’re selling, you gotta get people to take action and this doesn’t feel slimy if you know that your product, your service is actually gonna help them get a result, you gotta do everything in your power to actually get ’em to buy it if they’re the right fit. All right, so let’s move on to the third and final piece of this strategy.
All right, the third and final post that you make on this Trojan sandwich is called The Engagement Post. And I’ma show you exactly what this looks like and how to optimize it so that you get the most out of doing this. All right, here we are once again. Now, the third and final piece is this engagement post.
Now, this one, I kinda did a hybrid, but what you’re doing here, the concept is is you wanna drop a post that you know is gonna get a lot of engagement ’cause what happens when you drop a post and it gets a lot of engagement, people creep on your Facebook profile and then they’re gonna get hit with the Trojan sandwich.
And the sandwich being the meat is the offer right in the middle and the bread is the engagement and the social proof. And so, when they start creeping your profile, they get to see the offer because In nature, this usually doesn’t get a lot of engagement, the offer doesn’t. So now all the, since Facebook works on getting engagement and it shows it to more people, the more people engage with it, now those people that didn’t get to see it are actually gonna get to see it through your engagement post, and now, you wanna drop something that you know is gonna get a lot of engagement.
Usually, you can drop something that is a strongly held belief that might be a little bit polarizing, but as long as it’s something that you truly believe in you could do it. And this one, I knew they’d get in my podcast ranked number 35 in entrepreneurship category in the U.S. market on Apple. I knew that was gonna get a lot of engagement, so I dropped that. And it just so happens that that is also a little bit of social proof, ’cause it shows that I know what I’m talkin’ about when it comes to podcasting ’cause I’m showing ’em where I’m ranked at, and my whole offer is about podcasting.
Now, if you could do something like that as well, awesome, you could bend and break the rules a little bit here. But you just wanna make sure that this post is gonna get a lot of engagement. That’s the key to it, ’cause you want people to actually see the offer and the social proof so that it drives more sales. Now, the whole point of this whole entire strategy is in that offer post.
You wanna drive them to get on a phone call, so you’re gonna tell them, you’re gonna command them to send you a message in your inbox and then when that message hits your inbox, you’re gonna set up a phone call. And then you’re gonna go through the process with them, and if it’s a good fit, then you’re gonna send them a PayPal link. They could pay directly through Facebook, you could make an invoice through QuickBooks, however.
You could do it through Stripe, through a landing page, whatever way that you collect payments, that’s how you’re gonna do it. And if you do this strategy and you have an offer that’s legit, this is how you make money directly from Facebook. Now, I do have one thing I wanna show you real quick.
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But first, I want you to pay attention to the second strategy on there, ’cause the first strategy kinda goes over this slightly, but I didn’t show the Trojan sandwich in this video. But in this video, the second strategy is if you don’t have an existing product or an offer that’s already converting, you need to watch this one right here. I’ll see you guys on the next video, peace.