How to Make $100 Per Day Google Adsense (The RPP Method)

Let me guess, you’ve tried to make money online. Maybe you’ve dabbled in Shopify. Maybe you’ve got your Amazon FBA. Maybe you’ve got a course, or you wanna start your own YouTube channel. So what if I shared with you the exact strategy that I use to make $100 a day off of Google AdSense, I actually pulled back the curtains and showed you exactly what I did? Well, guess what? That’s what I’m gonna do right now. (upbeat music)
What’s going, yo? Welcome back to the channel, Wealth hacker Labs, and today’s a fun one because I wanna show you exactly what I did, how I started making $100 a day off of Google AdSense, and if you’re not familiar with what Google AdSense is, basically all you’re doing is creating a free, that’s correct, a free Google AdSense account, and once you get the account open, you get that code that Google provides you, you copy and paste that into your website of choice, and that’s when you start making money, but if it was that simple, obviously, there’d be more people doing it, and it took me over nine months before I finally started receiving a check from Google.
Now, that check wasn’t a life-changer in the sense that it didn’t pay off my mortgage, it didn’t pay off my car at the time. I mean, it barely was enough to buy groceries for a family of three. That Google AdSense check was $152, but it was life-changing because it showed me that I could make money online because I was one of those people that didn’t believe that you could do it. Now, thankfully, I didn’t believe myself.
Maybe I was just too ignorant not to give up. Either way, I pushed through and I finally figured it out, and that first check that I made was $152, and eventually, that check grew, and it went from $152 to $200, and then $500, and then $1,000, and then $5,000, and then, it led to other opportunities, other revenue streams, but it all started with cracking the AdSense code, so how did I do it?
Well, I’m gonna show you how I did it right now, and what this method is, it’s called the RPP Method. It’s a three-part process, and I’m gonna show you how I did it, so let’s take a look. All right, the first part of the RPP Method is you’ve gotta do research.
If you just start publishing content without any research, you’re not gonna make anything, and I found that out because that’s what I was doing for the first several months. Now, how you do research, you don’t do that in, actually, AdSense. What you’ll do is, you will open up a Google Ads account. Now, this used to be called Google Adwords, but Google’s a little bit more hip now, so we’re gonna go a little shorter. Just Google Ads.
We don’t need the words. We’re just ads here. So you set up your Google Ads account as if you’re a business, which you are a business because you’re trying to monetize this website of yours, so if you open up a free Ads account, Google Ads account, you’ll come up here at the top.
It says tools and settings, and then from here, I should really click on it so you can see it. Click on the keyword planner, and once you click on the keyword planner, I mean, it even gives you some examples here where you can see meal delivery or leather boots. Maybe you wanna start a leather boots site. Whatever your interests are. I’m going to use 401K limits as the example here, which I’ll show you. You can type some more in, but go ahead and just click on get results, and it’s going to give you some data here.
Now, the cool thing, let’s see if I can actually enlarge this for you, so as you can see, okay, so, we’ve got 401K limit, and all these other things here, but then, it also gives you some examples of where you can broaden your search, so you can do set by area limits, 403B limits, dental limits, health insurance limits, so it’s giving me some other ideas, but here is where we look at 401K limits, so let’s see which one, here.
So this is a lower one. We can do the 2019 limits. I’m actually surprised, the time that it’s recording, it’s almost the end of 2019, but either way, let’s go ahead and just look at this one here, and so average monthly searches. You’ve got 10,000 to 100,000, so, I mean, we’ve got some decent search volume there. The competition says it’s low. I don’t know if that’s because 2020 is almost here, or just the fact that there isn’t a lot out there, but then, here’s where you get a sense of how much money you can make. So the first column says top of page bid. So this is a low range, and then you have top of page bid on the high side, so $5 for the low side, $25, so what that means is that a company is willing to pay up to $25 per click on people for searching that keyword, so let’s go to this screen here.
You can do this in, I actually prefer to do this in an incognito window. Actually, let me go ahead and do that real quick, just so you can see what this looks like. So 401K, I don’t know if any ads come up here, so there, so let’s do 401K, just so you can see. All right, so what this is showing is that when you type in 401K, 401K limits, 401K rollover, so these are all the companies that are willing to invest, spend money on advertising. You’ve got your Fidelities. You’ve got your Voya. You’ve got your, that’s not Investopedia, so no ads there, and if you just did a refresh, I’d be curious, I’ve still got the same ones, so right now, look, the ads disappear after you refresh a few times, but basically, what you’re seeing here is that these rotate all the time.
Advertisers are bidding on these, and it may be Voya today could be Vanguard tomorrow, or could be a Robin Hood. It’s just going to fluctuate on who those are, so that’s what you see, and so when people, all right, so I showed you that, showed you this, so you get a sense of, okay, that’s a pretty good paying keyword, and just as an example here, let me, or as, I should say, a counter example, let’s say you’re really into yoga because you love the downward dog. You love flexibility.
Maybe you like lulu pants, or Lululemon pants, or whatever it is, so we type in yoga mats just to see, as an example, so this is very, very high competition, top of page bid on the low range is 53 cents, on the high side is $1.83, so as you can see, advertisers are willing to pay a lot less for yoga mat. It gave an example of leather boots.
Let’s see what that is. So with leather boots, the example it gave, $1.94 on the high side, 54 cents on the low side, so this was one of the reasons why I was able to make good money with Google AdSense is because being in the financial sector, writing about 401Ks and investing, the advertisers are just there. You’ve got your investment companies, you’ve got your investment banks, and they’re just willing to pay a lot of money.
It’s the same reason why you see on YouTube channels, especially ones talking about personal finance, investing, entrepreneurship, online business, their CPC, their payouts are just so much higher, and that’s just one of the ways. Now, typically, the competition could be higher, but, I mean, to me, that’s where I wanna spend my time trying to find those lucrative keywords that are paying well, paying high, with lower competition, so that’s one way that you can do research. Now, another tool that you can use, this is one I’ve used for a number of years. I
t’s called SEMRush. SEMRush, there’s also Ahrefs, is another example, but I wanted to show you SEMRush because you don’t actually have to have a paying account to do some of this research. They allow you up to, I think, 10 free searches. I don’t know if it’s per day or per month. Another way you can get a free account and not have to pay. I think it’s $100 a month, it starts off at. I do have the paid version, but here, you can get a lot of the same information, so I’m gonna type in 401K limits here, and you then can see similar data here, so now, we’ve got search volume of 49,500, cost per click, $19.74. That’s, once again, for that 401K 2019 limits, so, and, if you click on that, this is what I like, is you can now see who is ranking for that. Now, you can also get that by doing a quick search, but these tools like SEMRush or Ahrefs, I always wanna say AAhrefs, like Blake, Blacque, AAhrefs, AAron. – AARon.
Where are you? Where is AARon right now? – So these are the top results, and with SEMRush and also with Ahrefs, you can also get some more data, which we’ll talk about here in a second. Either way though, this is where I was getting a lot of my keyword ideas, my keyword research. What I also like here, so I typed in 401K limits here into Google, and if you scroll down, it also gives you these little search related to 401K limits, so it’s also giving you other examples. This is real data here.
This is real data. This is what people are typing into Google, that Google is showing you what else, information that people are trying to get from Google, so you’re getting all these ideas, and once you get the ideas and you start doing the research and you find the idea, that’s where we move on to stage number two. All right, so now you’ve done all the extensive research that you need, and you’re ready for step number two, or the first P of the RPP Method, and that P stands for publish, so you are ready to publish this epic piece of content, and once you’ve hit publish, you’re going to grab the AdSense code, the Google AdSense code.
You just copy and paste that into your blogging platform of choice, and it’s there. Now, there is one big caveat to all this is that you just can’t hit publish on a piece of crap content, you know what I’m saying? There was a time back in the day when you could publish an article that you bought off of Fiverr for $5 that was written by somebody in a foreign country that doesn’t know how to use English properly, and you could rank in Google, put your AdSense code in, and voila, you’re making money. Well, it doesn’t quite work that way, so when you’re doing your research and you’re looking at the articles that are currently in that top 10 Google search, you want to go through each of those, and you want to see, how are they structured?
How many words does each article have? What do they cover in the content that you’re trying to publish on your own site? Because the goal here is to produce the best piece of content for whatever keyword that you are targeting. That is a must. So your goal isn’t to hit publish on something that’s 200 words and you just copied and paste the AdSense code. It doesn’t work that way. Now, I will say this. Now, the beauty of blogging and publishing articles is that once you hit publish, it doesn’t mean that the article is done. There’s this beautiful thing called the edit button, the edit function, so just because it’s live on your site doesn’t mean that it can’t change.
Something that I’ve gone back on several articles. Actually, we do this on an ongoing basis, is that we’re always updating old content with new information. Google loves updates. They love fresh content, so just because you hit publish today doesn’t mean that you can’t go and add new updates, new content tomorrow, next month, or even next year. Congratulations, your epic piece of content is now live on the internet for everybody to enjoy.
Can we celebrate together? ♪ Celebrate good times, come on ♪ You know how you do something awesome and you can’t wait to share it with the world? You wanna put it on Facebook. You wanna put it on Instagram. Well, now, you’ve published your first piece of amazing content. Douce. And you wanna do the same thing, so you want to promote it. That’s right. We’re on the third step of the RPP Method.
You just put a lot of work into this piece of work that’s going to help people, so you don’t wanna be afraid to not promote it, so one of the easiest things to do, first of all, is to promote it to the people that you know, and chances are, these are gonna be your Facebook people, right? You know these people. At least I hope you do, unless you’re one of those weirdos that accepts friend requests from anybody and everybody. Don’t be one of those people because you deserve better.
Make sure that these people aren’t from some foreign country trying to just get your information. Come on, you’re worth it. Don’t do that. You can also promote this on Instagram, maybe if you are on Linked In, if you are on Twitter, whatever your social media platform of choice is, that’s where you want to promote it, and as you begin this journey of being a blogger, a content creator, you’re also going to join different Facebook groups.
Maybe you’re going to attend conferences. Maybe there are forums that these media creators are hanging out with, so this is where you want to socialize, network with these other creators, start sharing some of their content so that you can share your content with them, so hopefully, they’ll share it with their people, their audience, their community, and this is how you promote.
At the beginning of my blogging journey, we didn’t have Facebook groups. I know, this is dating me way more than I would like to admit, but we did have online forums where other personal finance, financial bloggers hung out at, so you could imagine how cool these people are, right? We’re hanging out in forums talking about personal finance, but in these forums where I made some amazing connections with personal finance bloggers that I am still friends with today, and I mean, legit friends. We talk at conferences. We email. We talk on the phone. These are real-life people. They’re not just some made up avatar that has no face and they hang out in their mom’s basement.
No, these are actually real people, making good money with their online business, but it all started in these forums, by being present, asking a lot of questions, and also, identifying how could I help these other bloggers, these other content creators, so I started sharing their content. Any time I had something to offer with my expertise or my experience, I made sure to do so, just so that I could build some goodwill and just build some trust with these people, and sure enough, it paid off because when I started publishing my content, guess who was helping me promote it?
That’s right, all of these other bloggers and content creators, so I wish I could sit here and say that’s how easy it is. All you have to do is the research, and then you hit publish, and then you promote, and then poof, all of a sudden the AdSense checks just start rolling in. Well, it does take a little bit more work, and there are really two main factors that has to do with your site, your article being found in the search results, and these two big factors are, number one, is how many backlinks do you have to your domain, so in my case, how many backlinks do I have to, and how many backlinks that you have, and where those backlinks are coming from will give your site, will give my site a domain authority, and this is a scale of one to 100, and typically, if you are in that 30 to 60 range, you have a really good shot at competing in search results.
The second ranking factor is how many banklinks do you have to your article? So how many other sites are linking back to the article that you published? Now, you can see this is why having those connections with other content creators, other bloggers that will link back to you, and this is how you do it, people.
This is how you network in the online business world, so I would start linking out to other content creators, other site owners, as a “This is me.” “Hey, I’m gonna scratch your back” “if you don’t mind scratching mine,” and that’s how I started building backlinks, and it takes time to do this, but once you have those backlinks, unless the site creator removes them, they don’t go away, and these are all trust signals with Google, unless you’re using Yahoo or Bing, but these are all trust signals showing to Google how reputable your site is, and how reputable that piece of content is.
I know I’ve said this before, that it took me nine months to receive my first AdSense check, that $152 that was life-changing. I mean, it really was in the long-term, but it took me nine months, but what I know now, if I had just a fraction of the information that I have now that is available to you through this YouTube video, through other YouTube videos, through other bloggers that are killing it with AdSense, it would’ve happened so much sooner, and yes, there’s more competition, but there’s also so many more tools that allow you to do this research that wasn’t available to you before, and allow you to promote in public.
I mean, there are so many tools and resources right now that you can do this, and this is why I’m still able to crank out content that is ranking, that is making me money, and even though AdSense isn’t the main revenue source, it’s why we can easily make $100 a day without doing much work at all, and if we really just promoted AdSense by itself, I mean, there’s no question that it could be over $1,000 a day, maybe even a couple thousand dollars a day just off of AdSense. So what do you think?
Do you think you have the potential to make $100 a day off Google AdSense using the RPP Method? So here’s a cool thing. Here’s a reason why you want to subscribe because if you think that there is value here, if you think that you could implement just a fraction of what I’ve talked about today, where maybe it takes you a little while to make $100 a day, but if you start off making $1 a day, $5 a day, well, if you can get to that point, then, I wanna show you how you can actually increase those earnings, and instead of making $100 a day off of Google AdSense, you could now start making $100 a day off of other methods, other strategies, but to get there, you gotta check out the next video, which you’re gonna need to subscribe to get that, so be sure to hit that subscribe button and that notification bell because we’ve got more information coming, showing how you can hack your wealth. All right, y’all, this is Jeff Rhodes, reminding you that it’s your money, it’s your life, and only you can make it awesome. Until next time, peace.