How much I make on 1,000,000 YouTube views (after getting fired from Facebook)

Hay, TechLead here and welcome back to coffee time with your host TechLead, the Ex-Google and Ex-Facebook tech lead. Today I thought I would be talking about how much money I would make on a million view video. And this is maybe surprising or unsurprising answer for you. And first of all, you may be thinking that I am only doing this just to brag, to flex, to show off somebody And, yeah that is kind of true.
My ex, I hope you are watching this one. But really what I’m trying to do here is I’m just monetizing my monetization. Don’t hate the game. Please don’t do that. Just hate me if you’re gonna do that. Now, the funny thing about YouTube is that there are so many different revenues dream that you can build up for yourself here. It’s funny that I’m generating more on YouTube then I made as a tech lead at Google.
Or as a staff software engineer at Facebook. Being at the top of these tech fields, you know, it’s like, I’m probably doing well over half a million dollars on Youtube alone. Speaking of monetization, this video is brought to you by Squarespace Ready to start your next business? From websites and online stores, to marketing tools and analytics, Squarespace is the all in one platform to build a beautiful website, and run your business.
Get 10% off your order at In this video in particular, I wanted to focus on the advertising revenue stream. And, I’m going to be completely transparent with you guys, trying to educate you a little, so, in exchange for that, I ask that you give the video a like and subscribe it really helps me out, that’s all I want from you. And I’ll show you some of these numbers, in case you also want to do Youtube, or if you’re just curious and I’ll also provide you a few tips in case you’re trying to get started, but, make no mistake: I don’t think Youtube is very easy.
Now recently, one of my videos: “My Wife Left Me” had gone viral and hit over a million views and, we can take a look at my analytics, and see how much money that had made and we can see here, if I refresh this page, it’s $4750, based on a million view video. Which, I don’t know, was it surprising to you?
It doesn’t sound all that high to me, right? Like, it’s okay, it’s decent, and, basically, after that, I followed up with another video, called: “Managing and protecting money in a relationship” that one also, kinda went viral, did 250 thousand views and, it did about a quarter of the revenue, at $1200, roughly.
So, all told, with those two videos combines, we’re looking at about $6000 in revenue, on how I was able to monetize my depression. So that is based on pure ad-revenue alone. And then if I refresh my stats, I can see that I’m doing about $18,000, per month. Which is alright! It’s decent, is like the salary of an entry level software engineer. And if I check out another of my videos, ”Top signs of an inexperienced programmer”.
This one went viral too. went to a million views, I can see lifetime revenue here by 5,000 dollars so yup, that’s seems about the go-in rate in tech, maybe 5 dollars CPM (Cost Per Thousand), based on actual views Now if you actually check you analytics, you may see it’ll say 10-15 dollars CPM but you know those are really based on monetize playback, something like that so i think that generally it’s like for every million view you get 5000 bucks or so, more or less maybe that surprised you, maybe does not sound as high as you may have thought, right?
Iike you know you may go through all these trouble to trying create a viral hit video, million views, and .. 5000 bucks ? It’s okay, it’s alright, it’s not bad, but it is also not like life-changing money, or anything like that. you have to keep in mind that the rates differs based on the topic of the video, like it feels like a music video, a kids video, or .. just a gossip video, then it may not monetize as well, right? it may see half the rate in tech, usually the rate is little higher and then it feels like a personal finance video you may even see a double that rate so it really depends on the target audience that you are going after here so that’s your advertising revenue.