7 Ways To Make Money With Facebook Groups

In this video I want to share with you how you can make money using Facebook groups. Perhaps you already have a Facebook group and you’re not making money with it yet or you want to be making more money with it. Or perhaps you haven’t created a Facebook group yet because you don’t know the game plan and don’t know how it’s actually going to benefit your business. So after this video you’re going to know multiple ways to monetize your facebook group.
My name is Rachel S. Lee and I help entrepreneurs coaches consultants info product creators course creators affiliate marketers people who want to make money online actually make money online using free traffic methods and methods to grow their audience so they actually have people that they can sell to. So if you’re into that kind of stuff be sure to subscribe to the channel and let’s get into my first tip.
My first tip would be post a link to your lead magnet or your funnel in your group in your Facebook group not in the description. We want to put links in the description of our Facebook groups anymore because Facebook won’t show us as much in the Recommended section but once people get in your group in the pin post the pinned announcement You’re welcome post you want to put.
Welcome to the group. Here’s the rules of the group. Here’s what you’re going to get out of the group and then you can share a link to your lead magnet. Your freebie if you have a free asset that you’re giving away perhaps after they opt into that free asset then they’ll be up sold in two different products.
Also by doing this you’re collecting their email address and perhaps in your email auto responder and your follow up emails you are promoting different offers your own offers affiliate offers whatever it is that you can sell.
The second way which is very similar is to get people in your Facebook group to register for a webinar so webinar is a sales video. It can be 20 minutes. It can be 90 minutes but it’s a sales video and you have the opt in to the webinar so it’s still a lead magnet. It’s still a freebie you’re still collecting their email and can send email follow up but instead of a free chichi or free PDF they’re watching an actual training video that pitches something and this doesn’t just have to be in the pin post you can also make posts multiple times a week. Hey sign up for my webinar or sign up for my freebie and get people to opt in.
Third Way that I like to make money with my Facebook group is collecting emails from new members when they request to join the group.
So I make sure that I turn on the three questions I ask them what do you most want to learn. What are you struggling with and what is your email so I can send you my freely magnet or free webinar free training whatever it is and then we copy and paste those emails over and add them into the auto responder.
Actually I have my virtual assistant use a software to do this all link that in the description below. You can also manually take their emails and put it into your auto responder and get them opt in to your lead magnet. That then up sells products.
The fourth way to make money in your Facebook group is just straight up recommend products in your group. They can be physical products digital products softwares online courses coaching from you. Consulting from you affiliate offers you can make posts recommending these products you can recommend the products in the pin posts or you can also set up the unit section in your group and add a section that has recommended resources and products and put links to that.
The fifth way that I recommend making money from your Facebook group is doing live presentations live streams into your group where you’re teaching something and then selling. So again it’s kind of like a webinar. But instead of asking them for their email address to watch the webinar you’re just presenting it right in the group. You don’t need to have a slide show but you could have a slide show you can record from your phone you can record from your webcam and you can live stream to your audience teach them something give them value and then offer something for sale.
The six way that you can make money from your group is interview other people other experts and make sure you have an affiliate link for their program. So if I have nothing to teach or I don’t want to teach something I could just simply interview a colleague that has something to teach and something to sell and we are on Zoom live streaming the zoom into the group talking about their expertise and then the pitching what they have to offer. But it’s always with my affiliate link
Then the seventh way that I recommend making money from your Facebook group is post your YouTube videos into your Facebook group. Because all my YouTube videos have links to different resources and things that I’m selling in the description below. And they have links to my lead magnet.
So if people find me from Facebook because Facebook showed my group in the suggested section they’re over on Facebook I want to get them over on youtube so I make sure to post online and YouTube videos over to my group. That gets people from Facebook to my video and then from the video they can see the different resources that I have below.
All these tips that I shared with you. I use them all and it’s part of an ecosystem they all work together they all feed into each other. If you do all these things you will not only make more money but your group will also grow more. And your YouTube channel will grow more on your email list will grow more your Facebook Messenger Chat bot lists will grow more your audience will keep exponentially growing and snowball growing.
You’ll just get bigger and bigger every single day. You just do have to be consistent with it. But if you feel like taking a break the system still works for you. If you want more tips on how to start a Facebook group grow a Facebook group monetize a Facebook group in addition to starting growing and monetizing a YouTube channel an email list. I teach all of these strategies in the online traffic ecosystem.
This is my course and coaching program getting people from where they are to where they want to be. So I’ll put information in the description below I’ll link some other similar videos on here on YouTube. In the description below. Be sure to let me know in the comments if you’re going to implement any of these strategies that I taught you and be sure that you’re subscribed to the channel. Turn the notifications and I’ll see you in the next video.