14 Ways Teenage Entrepreneurs Can Make Money

I remember being seven years old, living in Iran, and my father would take me to one of my favorite places. It was an indoor swimming pool. Massive indoor swimming pool And they would make these special drinks that I loved. And there was a man there who was a good friend of the family. They now live in Southern California. Love their family.
And I remember that every time I would speak to this man, he would always give me so much respect. Always give me so much respect. And on time he sat me down and he looked me in the eye and he told me, “Patrick, do you know why I respect you so much?” And I said, “No, I really don’t know.” He said, “Because one day, you’re going to lead the world. Because one day, you, as a seven-year-old, are going to be a 25, 35, 45-year old leading other people. I want to give you respect from now.”
I get the chills every time I tell this story, all over my body. You see, because, any president in the world, any great CEO in the world, any great entrepreneur in the world, at one point was a teenager with a dream and a heartbeat, thinking, I want to do something big in my life.
I want to make an impact in my life. How do I do it? So today’s message is directed to teenage entrepreneurs.
And by the way, if you’re watching this and you’re not a teenage entrepreneur, share this video with teenage entrepreneurs that you may know, or even teenagers that want to figure out a way to make more money. I’m going to share 14 different ideas that any teenager can put in place, and start making money today. Because I’m talking from experience on how I started making money at ten years old.
Let me start off telling you a couple of ways that I did it. I remember being ten years old running a recycling business at a swimming pool, local in Germany. I remember being 13 years old, going around all over the place. I had a point here, so I want to go with the first one. The first point for teen age entrepreneurs to make money — it’s something I did.
And I’m telling you, I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family. Some people that are watching this may say, “I’m from a prestigious family, I would never bring myself to that level.” That’s totally fine. I’m just telling you how I made my money. I was 13 years old, living in Glendale, California and I had a friend of mine named Adrian. We wanted to buy this card of Sergei Fedorov and Sergei Fedorov at that time Upper Deck came out.
Some of you may know Sergei Fedorov, their rookie card was a fascinating rookie card. We both wanted it and we wanted to buy a box of Upper Deck and split the 36 packs, 18 and 18 we’d split it. And so when our parents would go to sleep at night at 10, 11 o’clock, we had a shopping cart. I’d go grab the shopping cart and we’d go to all the local — this is what I did — you don’t have to do this.
We’d go to the local trashcans and we’d collect either the cans or two liter bottles. and we would collect them, we’d go to the local Albertson’s and recycle every single one of them. We’d make five bucks, and we’d do that a few times a week. Eventually after a month, you have about $100. And you can buy cards. Whatever it was, that was mine.
Today, there are many other ways to do this. If I was 12 years old today, 11 years old today, 13 years old today, I would go to every single person in my community that my parents approved of — you’ve got to make sure your parents can say that you can talk to these guys, and you’ve got to make sure you get the confirmation from your parents. But I would go and I would ask, hey, do you mind if I collect all your cans and I would give them special plastic bags or boxes for them to put and you’d come and clean it for them, except you’re recycling.
And I would bring that back, and have bags and ask my mom or my dad to take me to the recycling place and I would recycle and take that money, so one, you’re being a positive, great citizen to society because you’re cleaning the place out and number two, you’re making money for doing that. That’s one of the ways that any, any, any teenage entrepreneur can make money.
You may say, “Pat, I don’t like that idea.” Stay with me. Second idea. Here’s the second idea. Social media. Most adults have no clue about social media. I tell you no clue. When I say adults, I’m not talking about 22-year-olds, I’m taking about maybe 35, 45. It’s not that they don’t have any clue — but most of them don’t know a lot about social media. And you would be amazed how many of them are intimidated by it.
For instance, this whole idea came about because I’m on Snapchat and I’m pretty active now on Snapchat.
I’m on a 90-day health transformation program. I’m trying to get to a certain shape that I’ve never been before and I want to get to that. So every morning I post my pictures on what I look like, and it’s not the most comfortable thing to do, but I want to get rid of this gut. I want to get into very, very good shape, just like I used to be at 21, 22 years old. And I’m starting to dialog a lot with people that use Snapchat.
[Why don’t we pull up my Snapchat code so other people can use it as well. And follow me on Snapchat. I’m very active on Snapchat.]
And I’m getting a lot of teenagers that would message me and say, “Pat, can you do a video on entrepreneurship for teenagers? Pat, can you give us some ideas? I know you talk a lot about business and scaling and how to do this, how about me? I’m 14-years old. I want to find out how to make money. How can you help me?” So the idea for this video came from Snapchat because I got a message and I responded back to it and said, “Let’s make a video for this.”
Now, I didn’t know how Snapchat worked. Let me tell you how I learned about how Snapchat worked. I’m in Bakersfield once — Mario, were you with me in Bakersfield, when Shawan was right next to me, and I said, Shawna, show me how to use Snapchat? And he started giving me ideas about Snapchat. [Mario: Yes.]
Then I go to Florida and was spending time with Phoebe, she is now I want to say 16 years old and for 30 minutes, she showed me Snapchat. She’s 16 years old, I’m 37 years old. She showed me Snapchat, right? “Patrick do this, here’s how this works, you need to do this, you need to do that,” and we went through the whole thing together — you can do this and you can put your finger and do this. All these things she taught me, I know nothing about it. And by the way, let me put it to you this way. I would have paid $100 for that. I would have paid $100 for that. You may be 13 years old and watching this and say, Pat, c’mon now. You’d pay $100 for that? Yes!
Yes. If you go locally, and you tell your mom and dad, “Mom, dad, can you start telling friends and family that I’m going to teach everybody about social media and how to use Instagram and who do we have that’s business owners. Can you help me out?”
Parents don’t mind helping you make money. So then you go out there and start talking about how to use this, how to use that and next thing you know, you’re making $50 here, $100 here.
There’s even a guy, my pastor’s son who started teaching other people — his name is Dallas — who started teaching other people how to get a following on Twitter. How to get a following on Instagram. How to get a following. . . he started really doing so well that other people started paying him $300 a month, $200 a month, $400 a month for doing this, and now he’s got a business for himself. And every single month he helps increase following and I know a lot of teenagers know how to increase following and exposure, that maybe adults want to know how to do.
I will tell you, if I was 13 years old today, if I was 12 years old today, if I was 14 years old today, I would be making at a minimum, $2000 – $3000 a month just teaching adults on social media and it would not be a hard thing to do if I was that today.
Now you may say, “Pat, I don’t want to do social media.” No problem, I’ve got another one for you. Fiverr.
Let me tell you about Fiverr. Can we put a picture of Fiverr up here so they know what it is? Fiverr is a website for freelancers. And you may ask, “Pat, but for Fiverr you have to be 18 years old.” No you don’t. For Fiverr you have to be 13 years and older to be on Fiverr. Now you need parent approval to get paid and all that other stuff, but you need to be 13 years old or older as a freelancer on Fiverr to make it work. So what can you do on Fiverr?
Here’s what Fiverr’s all about. You’re a good writer? You say, “I edit blogs” for $20, for $10, for $5, no problem. People start sending you postings so you start with friends and family and if you do a good job for them, and you ask them to review you, and your rating goes up, now you’re somebody that other people know, and you start getting $5, $10, $20 offers from other people.
We do this all the time ourselves at the home office. Write, voice, you would be amazed, how many movies, studios, need a voice for a certain script and all you do is sit there and record the same thing seven times and they pay you $20 for it. Editing, graphic design, animation, Photoshop, there’s a lot of opportunities on Fiverr for teenagers to make money on. #4:Babysitting — pretty simple, not that complicated. Can I help you babysit? Great, just make sure the parents that you choose to help babysit, that are ones your parents approve of.
It’s very critical for your parents to approve of who you’re babysitting, while you’re doing that. #5: Pet sitting. There’s a lot of guys and kids in the community that will come and say, “Do you want me to walk the dog? I’ll do it for $10. I’ll do it for $5. I’ll do it for $20. Great, they go do laps for 20 or 30 minutes, and I’ll give them $10. I don’t have a problem with that. And depending on the community you live in, you start watching people that have dogs, you monitor them when you’re outside.
You know, that lady has a dog, this lady has a dog and you ask them, “hey, would you like me to walk the dogs for you once a day? I charge $5 for once a day, $10 for twice a day,” whatever the number may be for you, and you would be amazed how many people will say yes.
The next thing you know, if you have 10 clients, 10 dogs, and you’re walking them once or twice or three times a week, you’re making $500 a month, $500 per month is a lot of money for a 13-year-old. #6- Running Errands. Running errands.
I have a next-door neighbor, this kid is named Luke. I love this kid. I mean, I love — I tell this kid every single time, you’re going to do big things in your life, because he’ll come and knock on the door, and he’ll say, “Hi Jennifer. Hi Patrick. Is there anything I can help you with?” Such as what? Now, family, pure world-class family on who they are. “Is there anything I can help you with?” They’ll come and they’ll play with my kids or they’ll come and do reading — so many different ways.
And you’re talking $20 here $20 there, and we may not think $20 is a lot of money, but Luke is making $20 here and there and that’s $100 bucks, $80 bucks, and he does that with five, six different families. Look at the kind of potential that could be. #7: Next, landscaping.
Landscaping is pretty obvious. A lot of kids do it, a lot of teenagers do it. Mowing the lawn, shoveling the snow, picking up leaves, pulling out weeds, cleaning out the garage, there’s a lot of ways you can do that and get three buddies. Ask who needs it and they’ll pay $30 and you split it with your three buddies, $10 apiece, and you can clean it up, or $50. I wouldn’t have a problem doing it myself and paying for somebody with that.
Next one, #8. Code Academy is a website strictly created and currently it’s free. Investors have invested I think a quarter billion dollars into Code Academy. It is a website similar to Khan Academy. They teach you how to code, for free. You don’t pay them anything. So you’re a 12-year-old kid and you know the world’s headed towards technology. And you want to learn how to code, go on Code Academy and start learning how to code. You will learn how to code. And if you learn how to code, guess what? I am a person that runs a liquor store.
I want to have a website. Now you can help me set up a website for $500. I’m somebody local that your father needs help with something, I’ll help with it. Your mom, your uncle, your cousin, people start asking you. Code Academy taught yo how to build a website, now you know how to do it. Now you have a website business. So CodeAcademy.com.
#9 Sell products and eBay and Amazon.
I did this before. You can sell baseball cards, you can sell a lot of different things nowadays. You can go to a 99 cent store and buy a bunch of things for 99 cents. And I’m being dead serious with you. If you have a 99 cent store near where you live, and you sell that for $7, you sell that for $5, and you add $3.99 shipping and handling, and everything is going from your house, and you’re making money, and you don’t even have to go anywhere.
UPS comes and picks up 20 items you sold, it goes, you’re PayPal account linked, approved by your parents, you’re making money coming in, so there’s a lot of ways you can do that with Amazon and eBay.
#10: Next, start a blog. Start writing a blog. So what do you write about? You could write about Mickey Mouse. You can write about Thomas and Friends. Y
ou can write about so many different things. You can write about movies that come out for teenagers. You can write about G-Rated movie, cartoons, Disney movies. I met a guy the other day [where were we?] We were in San Diego, and this gentleman got up and he was a former attorney, and he makes $150,000 per year, and all he talks about is Mickey Mouse, and Disneyland. That’s all he talks about. All he talks about is Mickey Mouse and Disneyland. So you could talk about Frozen, you could talk about anything that you know about Frozen, anything you know about cartoons, anything — it doesn’t matter what it is.
Then you create a website and there’s a following and you have your friends and family share it, and the next thing you know, you have affiliates on your website, they’re buying things, you have partners, there’s advertising, and many opportunities will come up if you do that with a blog.
Now do that if you are a good writer and make sure you get Google AdSense to help you out with that.
#11: The next one is to start a YouTube channel.
[Mario, what is that YouTube channel you were talking about, where a kid reviews toys? Mario:Evan Tube.]
I saw this, I was fascinated by it, young kid, I want to say eight years old, Evan Tube. How many subscribers does he have? [Mario millions.] I want to say it’s 2.9 million type of thing. Evan Tube has — let’s put a picture so they can see it as well, let’s give Evan Tube some love — 3.1 million subscribers. He monetizes that. His video right there has three million views. He monetizes that and YouTube pays him and he’s eight years old, seven years old. So he reviews toys.
You can review games, new technology. You can do how to, how to use Snapchat, how to — it can be a how-to site. There’s ways, I know if Mario and I were 14 years old right now, we’d be running a prank YouTube channel and we’d be rocking the house if we ran a prank YouTube channel. I would be a rock star. I would be an online superstar if some of my friends from the past would know of the pranks I’ve pulled, 99% of them we can’t even share with you right now but you can do pranks, YouTube channel.
You can do online tutoring. I know a friend of mine, she was always coming out with, I would mentor her for many years when I was in California. What was it called? [Mario: Tutors 2 You] and she started the business very small, and she was charging, you know, 10, 15, 20, 35 bucks and all of a sudden, next thing you know, other people are, she can’t tutor the families any more, and other people. Okay, and she started doing very, very well for herself with Tutors 2 You, so you can do that yourself.
You can sing, you can play an instrument. You can do a cover. You can do music lessons, you can do so many different things. Now obviously, you’ve got to figure out how to monetize your channel on YouTube, and you can click on the link on the bottom, a video that explains how to get your YouTube channel to start monetizing, because you need a Google AdSense account, it’s not hard to do. A lot of kids are doing it now.
And all you need, you can do it with a phone camera, that’s all you need — a phone camera. You can use a computer camera. You can get someone to create an opening for you, the ending for you. It’s not hard. You can use someone from Fiverr to help you make the video cleaner. There’s a lot of ways nowadays to create and it’s free to start a YouTube channel anyway, so give it a shot and see what happens. If you’re not going to start a YouTube channel, become a tutor. So you can tutor online. So point #12 is tutoring. You can tutor math, English.
Start local, tell kids, put signs, put flyers that parents talk about it, and next thing you know, you have a tutoring business. #13 is washing cars and detailing cars. I know a lot of 11, 12-year-olds who work on cars with their fathers and they are fascinated by cars and they’re just so meticulous on how they handle cars because they saw it from their father and what do t they do it right in front of their house, tell everybody to come at this time over here, park the car.
Use your dad’s stuff that he has and charge $10, $15 and wash the cars with a buddy of yours and split the money. By the end of the day, let me tell you something, here’s a fascinating thing. I will not tip a kid or a teenager the same thing I will tip an adult. I don’t know why that is, but we will tip teenagers more than we will tip adults.
Let me explain. It’s a psychological thing. We want to help, right? So if I go out there and all of a sudden somebody does a car wash for $25, no problem, here’s another $20. It’s $25. The other day, we were in Highland Park and I was looking at some purses for my wife and my son and I were walking, and these kids were doing a lemonade stand, which is another way to make money.
Lemonade stand. “Oh, it’s just a dollar for lemonade. I said, here’s $20. Why are you doing this?” We’re part of an entrepreneur program. Remember this for the rest of your life. I give $20 each and left, and they were so excited about it on what happened. And the last point, point #14, here’s point #14. This is my favorite one.
And let me tell you, teenagers watching this, we are counting on you to help us out with this and there is a lot of money if you figure out how to do this. Ready? Grab a pen and paper. You can do it with your parents. You can do it with a couple of peers. You can do it with a sibling and write down the most common problems that teenagers face today. I’ll give you a few of them. Write down the most common problems teenagers face today and how can you be the solution to those common problems.
Ready? Let me help you out.
Bullying. Cyber-bullying.
How can you help with that? #2 could be drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, believe it or not, nowadays it’s out there with everybody. Sex, peer pressure, dating. I know most parents don’t want to talk about this. It’s out there. More are talking today than before, but it’s out there.
So how do you fix that? How do you talk about that? How do you create a business out of it that also serves and helps other people? Peer pressure, comparison, constantly being compared to other kids, appearance, self-esteem, career, eating disorder, grades, fitting in, problems at home, broken homes, financial. It doesn’t matter what it is. These are the problems, and I want you to sit because your mind is extremely creative, and unfortunately, teenagers watching this, the world is generally going to force you to no longer be creative. You keep being creative.
Take your mind and say, “What if we could do this? What if we could do that?” And then all of a sudden, oh my, we can do this. And then see if there is a way of turning it into a business.
Generally, it could cost you $500 to start a business or $1,000 or $2,000 or $800 and you can go to uncles, local people helping you out, and the next thing you know, you’re starting something small that ends up being something big.
Is it going to work 100% of the time? Not at all. but guess what? Quit Quitting. Keep going with it. You keep doing it and all of a sudden, some idea could end up becoming so revolutionary where we’re reading about you on Forbes Magazine or Inc. Magazine or Entrepreneur Magazine or somewhere online that you created something that is being used around the world. Because we’re counting on you to come up with new innovation that we can use one day ourselves. So with that being said, now that we have that down, we’ve got 14 different points, there’s a couple of things I want you to do.
Most teenagers that choose to become entrepreneurs — you’ve got to think how entrepreneurs think. Now this is for young entrepreneurs but teenagers nowadays are starting to read business books like never before. I wrote a book with a very good friend of mine called Tom Ellsworth. Tom Ellsworth is famous for being part of JAMDAT and he was one of the seven partners when they sold JAMDAT to EA Sports for $680 million. He’s a very good friend of mine. He’s the president of our company now. He and I wrote a book called The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Pages.
This is because of a video that we produced — Mario, when did we launch the video? October 31, 2015 that got 28 million views on Facebook. We decided to write a book called The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Pages. It’s a simple book. Buy this book. Read this book. Any young entrepreneur, anybody watching this ought to read this because the chapter number one is probably the most important chapter and this is one of the reasons why we put the chapter in there and it’s called The Truth: Accepting Reality. It’s a difficult chapter, but it’s a very important chapter.
I wish I knew about that early one when I became an entrepreneur. Buy this book, let’s put a link somewhere on here. If we don’t have it here, we can put a link on the description and if it’s on my website, it will be on the description as well for you to do that. Go, read the book The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Pages.
And if you’re watching this and you’re not a teenager, please share this video with other teenagers that can apply some of these concepts and start making money. And if you are a teenager. There’s a couple of things I want you to do. Follow me on Snapchat — young entrepreneur or anybody, and whatever you implement and start getting results, I want to hear about it. Message me and tell me, “Pat, this is what I did that worked for me. I made $6000 that last year here, part time. Hey, Pat, I did this last month and I made $428.” Great. I want to hear about it. I want to hear about your success stories, because you’re going to be a great example of a lot of other people saying, “Well, you know, for me to work you need to be 16 years old and no one’s hiring 16 year olds nowadays. You’re taking the excuse away from all your other peers in high school who don’t know how to make money.
And you’re making a grand, two, three, four, five, maybe even $10,000 a month as a teenage entrepreneur, helping out your parents to pay for your college education, a car when you need it, obviously your parents will have to approve of it, but you’ll have an edge on life.
You’ll have an edge because you’ve learned how to work hard, create, make money and bring value to the world. So that’s the message to everybody here for teenage entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs. And I want to make a request here for you to subscribe to this channel.
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