13 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks | Millions Of Products To Earn Commissions

So, I’m going to be going over 13 different affiliate networks that you can use to earn and make money from. And I’m going to be going over exactly what countries you can be from to sign up how you get paid. Whether it’s PayPal, wire or cheque, etc. And also be going over how much money you can expect to earn with these affiliate programs. What the Commission rates are. How competitive they are, etc.
Now, I’m going to be going over 5 different e-commerce affiliate networks. 4 different digital product and software related affiliate networks And 4 different CPA networks. So, stay tuned. I’m going to show you 13 different ways to make a lot of money. Let’s get it.
So, the first affiliate network that I’m going to go over it’s called ShareASale, okay?
And ShareAsSale is massive. They work with thousands of companies they work with… You know… Here is Jillian Michaels. They work with you know Major League Baseball. They work with you know all sorts of makeup and jewelry. They work with Warby Parker which is sunglass company.
They work with so many great companies. And if you want to sign up, I did put a link below. They have. you know… Yeah, basically a lot of… They have a lot of people they’re one of the biggest affiliate networks Those sponsor of Affiliate Summit each year. Yeah, over 4,000 merchants with them and likely you know, hundreds of thousands of products that you can sell. So, that’s pretty exciting and they’re a great affiliate program.
There is an approval process. They will accept people worldwide. But once again, it varies an approval process. They will want to see that you have a website set up or that you have some social media influence. So, don’t expect to be immediately accepted if you don’t have some sort of social media following or a website.
I suggest everyone set up a website no matter what or a blog or YouTube channel or something to start kind of on your affiliate marketing journey. Again, I’m not doing my job as a teacher, right? If you are just watching these videos and not actually going out there and building up your you know, blog or vlog or social media.
Now, the next affiliate program that I’m gong to go over is target. So, target is an affiliate program.
You have millions of products that you can advertise in target. Which is great and you can earn up to 8% commission. So you can see that right here. 8% commission on really millions of products that are sold through target. So, that’s fantastic you have a 7 day cookie. And they give you all their affiliates.
They give them weekly updates, etc to help you in your promotion. Now, 8% isn’t a lot but the great thing about target is you’re promoting products that already sell. That people are already buying every single day. Now, they’re really focused on… I believe you can sign up if you’re international but they’re really focused on US and Canadian affiliates. That’s where the products are and you probably want to have some sort of social media influence.
You know, whether you have a YouTube channel or an Instagram or a blog or have a website.
You know, and again… Have your website be some sort of blog or something. Because these affiliate programs they’re looking for people that are going to… You can’t really make money by advertising these products using PPC. So, the only real affiliates that would be successful doing this is if you are actually have some influence.
So again, keep that in mind when applying to programs like this. And the way you would get paid out is through cheque or Bank wire.
Okay, here we are on one of the biggest e-commerce affiliate programs. And this is the ebay partner network. So, you’ll see right here, they accept people from a number of different countries. From Australia, United States, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. And once again, you have access to sell millions of products. Sign up is free. You can… You can earn…
I forget how much you can earn but some somewhere around like 6% commissions. So, not huge commissions. And once again because this is a program or not necessarily going to make a lot of money, advertising. eBay will want to see that you can actually that you actually have some sort of social influence or you have a blog, you have your own website. So make sure you have one of those, if you want to sign up with eBay.
Okay. So, next we have here is Amazon Associates. And Amazon Associates.
No list would be complete without Amazon Associates. It’s the granddaddy of all affiliate networks. Perhaps the biggest in the world. nd you can sign up with Amazon in most major countries around the world where Amazon is. India, US, UK, Germany, etc. you can sign up. I know they don’t accept all countries. you know like some some countries from Africa. I don’t know if they accept people from Pakistan.
But again, this is a program where you’re not necessarily going to make money advertising their products or services. So once again, Amazon Associates will want to see that you have a website. Some sort of blog or social influence. Now, if you’re not getting the point yet people, there’s something taken mind is set up a fricking website already.
Set up a blog. Start building social influence. And if you haven’t yet, let me know. Just go in the comments below and type in “guilty”. But let me know what you’re committed to setting up. Let me know if you’re committed to setting up an Instagram account or building up influence on YouTube or building up a blog.
Whatever thing you do. Just type in “guilty” and let me know what you’re committed to doing because I want to make sure I’m doing my job and get you started on your affiliate marketing journey. Let’s get it one thing to note about Amazon’s program is they they’re payouts…
You know, it’s the biggest affiliate network but the payouts are kind of slow. So, you only get paid every 60 days. So, they will 60 days after you make sales with Amazon, you will get your checks. So, you have to wait quite a while. But if you’re in this game for the long run and you have you know what’s called organic traffic. Building then you can make a lot of money.
The last ecommerce network network that I’m going to expose you to is called is called CJ or Commission Junction is what it used to be called but they just go by CJ now.
They think they’re fancy. The companies that work with CJ do over 15 billion dollars annually in online sales. So, there’s a lot of money being paid out to affiliates. The payouts are not very high. I just want to make that clear. The payouts are generally around 10%. But you’re working with some major brands. Now, here is the CJ affiliate network. And as you can see, what’s nice is that you have an area where you can sort by earnings.
But they work with some big companies. Let’s actually sort by earnings. So, you can see Zappos is on here, Wayfarer, Walgreens is right here. They pay at Walgreens. Pays out four to 8% per sale. So Walgreens has tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of products you can sell and you have that right there. Vitamin Shoppe, Vistaprint, Verizon.
You earn 10% per sale. So, there’s a lot of different programs that you can sell on this. Disney, Tire Rack, staples, Samsung. 2 to 4 percent per sale. So, you you you were working with some of the biggest brands in the world. And that’s the benefit of CJ is that you just you know, it’s easy to sell products that people are already buying every single day with brands that are world famous.
Some of the biggest in the world. The tough part about CJ is that they won’t accept affiliates from just anywhere. You have to be you have to be from mainly a Western country and you have to have social influence just like all of these ecommerce sites. But let’s move on. You guys get the point about e-commerce. Now, let’s check out affiliate programs in the digital products niche. I’m going to go over 3 different affiliate networks in the digital product niche. And what’s great about these programs is that they will…
They’re more accepting of affiliates internationally, okay? So, you.. And you don’t necessarily need to have social influence to sign up with these affiliate networks. Cool! So, the first affiliate network I’m going to expose you to is the one I work with the most which is called Clickbank, okay? And Clickbank will accept affiliates from almost every country except for North Korea, Nigeria and (sorry) Bangladesh. So, if you’re from any of those countries and a few small African countries, sorry guys, you can’t sign up for Clickbank.
But what’s great about them is that you will be approved. If you’re from all the rest of the countries in the world, you will be approved immediately. They payout 2 ways, they pay out through cheque to your address or they pay out through a wire transfer to your bank account. So, you need an address or a bank account. You should have one of those. Now, if you go on the affiliate marketplace right here, you click products to promote and you will see there’s over 3 thousand 300 products which you can promote on this affiliate Network.
And if you do a search if you take this average sale icon and move this over all the way to the right, you will see your boys John Crestani’s product program, the super affiliate system and you can become affiliate for my program. You can make $500 average per sale. And you can also make an average rebuild total of four $403. Get your recurring revenue on. Okay.
So, the next affiliate network is called Avangate.
And Avangate focuses on software and also on digital products. But mainly on software.
And what’s great about this is you can sign up from anywhere in the world, okay? There is a… There is an application and approval process. But what’s great about this is you can sign up anywhere in the world. They are one of… I guess they were ranked the number one affiliate network by some company. Which is pretty good. But they’re a pretty big company and they work with a lot of software companies.
Here’s Kaspersky, etc. Point being, they pay good commissions. As you can see 25 to 40 percent is much higher than what we were seeing on some of the ecommerce networks. I’m not exactly sure how they pay out. But it’s a great network and a very solid. This focuses less on consumer products like Clickbank and more on kind of business products. So< if you want to help people photo editing software or antivirus software or video editing software as you see here photo editing, manycam, you know website building software, they have a lot of those softwares.
So, it’s better for kind of a mid-range b2b market. The third digital product network is Click Better. ClickBetter is known for paying very high commissions, okay? And they do weekly payouts. So, every single week which is great. That’s the great thing about digital products is it’s very easy.
Very accepting of affiliates. So, you can get, you know, you can get paid basically anywhere in the world. They accept affiliates from all over the world. Again, payout very competitively. I don’t personally work with any clickbetter products but they’re a great affiliate network and I would suggest you apply to them if you’re from anywhere in the world. And the last affiliate network here is called JVZoo.
The last digital products Affiliate Network. So, this affiliate network will approve affiliates anywhere in the world. There are a lot of people from Nigeria and Bangladesh that end up on JVZoo because it’s hard to get accepted other places. And JVZoo exclusively focuses on make money online products, okay? So, you can see in their marketplace. They have millions of affiliates. And all of their products are somehow related to helping people make money online whether that’s building websites, whether that’s getting higher rankings in Google or Auto posting to Pinterest and Twitter and YouTube and Facebook and you know Instagram.
They have tons of software products and educational products to help people really make money online. So, we’ve gone through 9 different affiliate networks so far. If you’re getting value from this, just type in “massive value” in the comments because we have 4 more networks to go through. And you know, I’m excited now a little bit about CPA networks for you to understand is they will… What’s great about them is they will accept people from anywhere in the world and they pay out fast and they have competitive commissions.
But the difference is you will… They only accept experienced affiliates all referrals. So, really you’re not going to be able to get into this program. If you haven’t gone through a training program like my super affiliate system. Or if you haven’t actually gone to a conference to meet these people, there’s 2 conferences in the US every year for affiliate marketing and then there’s 2 conferences overseas one in Europe, one in Asia every year.
They’re called affiliate world Europe and affiliate world Asia respectively. So, you have to get a referral or you have to meet somebody in person to actually get accepted to these affiliate networks. Because there is a high possibility for fraud because it’s so easy to really make money once you’re accepted to these networks.
So, let me dive into these 4 networks and let’s get going/ Cool! Now, hit that subscribe link right now and we’re going to get into ads4dough which is one of my favorite affiliate networks. They are focused specifically on or mostly on lead generation. They have products in all categories. But they focus on kind of like financial and lead gen type offers. So insurance company. Work with insurance companies. Mortgage companies. You know…
And just solar panel companies, lawyers, investment companies. They work with all sorts of companies in that space. So, it’s consumer products, high payouts, very competitive commissions and they’ve been around for a long time to run by… They’re run by Jason Akatiff.
Let’s see if you can see him. Who’s known as this guy right here. He is known as the godfather of affiliate marketing because he’s been in the space so long. He’s been you know working and his underwear from his bedroom for years making millions of dollars. And he actually uh….
I mean he runs a big company now. He is like you know 50 or 60 employees working for him out of San Diego. So he’s a pretty cool guy and I’ll definitely follow him in the affiliate space. The next affiliate network we’re going to discuss is CashNetwork. CashNetwork is focused it’s a CPA network focused on business opportunity offers. So, these are offers to help people make money working from home.
To make money from the internet, to make money trading stocks. To make money selling real estate or trading real estate or learning about real estate. Anything to do with basically business opportunities they work with. And they pay out weekly. So, every week you’ll get paid they have very high commissions, very competitive payouts but once again, you need to know somebody to get into this program or you need to have gone through a training program like my 6 week course to get access into this network. Because they don’t work with everybody.
They don’t want to work with everybody. They don’t need to work with everybody. They’re looking for experienced affiliates only. The next network here is The Affiliati Network. So I.. You know, they focus mainly on health offers. But they have offers in all categories from mobile app installs to you know crypto and ¬†offers which I don’t necessarily approve of. But they have all sorts of different offers that are very competitive.
I was marketing their weight loss and their skin care products when I was in affiliate on Facebook and Google Ads and I made a ton of money with them. They will not accept everyone. They’ll pay as fast as every you know, twice a week. So, I was on I was on payouts every 4 days because I was spending 20-30 thousand dollars per day.
And I needed to see that money come back to me. So, they were very helpful in helping me scale my affiliate campaigns and their great network to work with. But again, you need to be experienced. They’re not going to accept everyone. They only work. They only need to work with a small number of affiliates because they work with… You know, their affiliates can be making anywhere from a hundred thousand dollars.
You know, up to $100,000 a day. So, lots of big people there. Now, the last affiliate network which I’m going to show you is my favorite and their CPA Network. And they’re called Above All Offers. And they have they have a wide range. I’ve made a lot of money with them and they have a wide range of offers from health offers, helping people with weight loss, skin care, muscle supplements…
For those of you who know that is –to Mobile offers, app install offers where you can get paid a couple bucks to get people to install an app such as Facebook. They have offers in all categories. So, this is a great, great affiliate network to work with. And that you can sign up there should be links below. If you want to get started with a CPA Network, there going to be above all offers. It’s going to be the easiest on approvals.
They’ll accept people all over the world and they pay out weekly through wire transfer, Western Union, PayPal or even Bitcoin. Whew! Wow is a lot of affiliate networks right there people. So, I hope you got a lot of information from this. We went over the e-commerce networks which have you know, which require a little bit more social influence, smaller payouts. But millions of products to choose from.
And well-known brands. We went over the digital products, affiliate networks which focus on software which are easier to get approved from around the world. You don’t need any experience to get approved for these companies and they pay out. They payout competitively. Pretty good. Pretty solid. You know, some you know sometimes some of the networks won’t accept people from Africa for instance. But some will. So, that’s pretty great. And then the last category we went over CPA networks which have monster payouts but they only accept a…
They’ll accept affiliates all over the world. But they’ll only accept affiliates that are referred or who have some sort of experience or have been through a training program. Now, guys. Smash that subscribe button give me a big like if you enjoyed this video. And let me know in the comments below which affiliate network did you find the most interesting. We went over a bunch Amazon Target eBay.
We went over digital products, Clickbank, jvzoo and we went over cpa networks, above all offers, A4D ,etc. So, let me know which affiliate networks stood out the most to you. And in future videos, I’m going to select the most popular Network. And I’m going to do a deeper dive into the products in that if I get enough people responding. So, hope you enjoy this and again remember, nothing works unless you do.
So, if you just watch this video and expect to make money, you’re you’re fooling yourself. You have to get out there, you have to build your you know… Build your influence or build your blog or start placing links. You know, putting up ads to place links and really take action or go to an affiliate conference. Take a training program whatever it is. Do something to move further down that line because you’re not going to make any money just watching these videos. Hope I’m encouraging you. There’s a lot of money in this space and showing you a few. But I hope you get it as well and I hope I can be your teacher. Talk to you soon.